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Brain Droppings - George Carlin

This book, like Carlin's other title that I have read, When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?, is simply a place for his stuff. Most of the stuff, in fact, that Carlin had floating around on Word Documents at the time he compiled this book seems to find its way between the covers of Brain Droppings. Some of it is grade-A Carlin. The rest falls into the advertised category on the book’s cover: “bluster” and “silliness.” Carlin would have been better served had he edited these ingredients from his book. Even some of the better material already appears in his standup albums. If anything with Carlin’s name on it makes your fingers itch, then you will not need me to recommend this book. If you have heard the man’s name and would like to experience something truly great, I would recommend skipping this, and watching or listening to his standup material.

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